This is me.

Ello friends! I will start by saying this is totally new territory for me. I have no clue what I’m doing and that’s okay. I’m going for it! I have felt compelled to share my writing for the last few years, but always doubted myself. Instead, I utilized Facebook Live for a year and a half. While I loved being able to connect with my audience in that setting, I am now in a place where my writing is how I feel I can truly connect and help others. I decided that even if I can only help one person with this blog, it will all be worth it!

I have written in a journal since I was a young girl. I always found that writing was a great release for me when it comes to feelings, dreams, emotions, successes and challenges in life. Like most other people, my life has been full of ups and downs since I can remember. My parents did an amazing job raising me, in two completely different ways, which we’ll get to in a later post. Since July 2015, I have lost my daddy and my mom. I have overcome my own addiction and have watched how addictions can destroy people and their loved ones. I am a sensitive soul and recently found out that I am extremely codependent (and have been most of my life).

I have an amazing support system and the most patient, loving boyfriend God could have ever given me. However, in May of this year I decided that I could no longer grow into the woman I want to be without getting professional help with my past and my grief. It was a tough and scary decision, but I know it is what’s best for me and my future. I wanted to start this blog to share my journey through grief, messy family life, therapy and overcoming all of life’s obstacles. I have found that people are afraid or embarrassed to talk about themselves and their loved ones with addiction, mental health, and getting the proper care and treatment for those issues. I want to let everyone struggling know that they are not alone. I want to break the stigma that needing professional help makes you weak. I want people with broken homes to know it is not your fault. I want anyone hurting today to know that it will not always be like this.

Follow me on this journey and let’s see where it takes us. 💜

4 thoughts on “This is me.

  1. Thank you for showing others that life is beautiful!! Love you 😍 for an eternity 💫 ❤️! The journey will be amazing! 😻


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